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Introduction to Adeline (previously Exodus II)

My daughter Lisa has, as would be expected from someone who was brought up on the canals and inland waterways, long yearned for a boat of her own. She and her ex- husband Nathan regularly borrowed the boat belonging to her mother's partner which is moored at Walton where they are members of BMBC (Bridgewater Motor Boat Club). We quite often meet them whilst out cruising and we also knew that they were saving up for a boat of their own. Whilst we were on our 2016 Easter Cruise returning from Barbridge I received a phone call from Lisa telling me that they had seen a boat on eBay that Nathan was thinking of buying for her fortieth birthday and could I have a look at it with them. Arrangements were made to meet up at Middlewich where they would take me to Wincham Wharf near Northwich where the boat was located out of the water on hard standing. They told me that the boat was a Creighton Inlander 32 (built by the Creighton Caravan Company - Marine Division, Nelson, Lancashire). It was virtually a bare shell but fitted with a three cylinder Nanni (Kubota) raw water cooled diesel engine. At some point in time the boat had been sunk but they did not know the circumstances surrounding this. Consequently the boat was in need of complete renovation and refitting. My friend Paul Savage came with us to cast an eye on the boat as well and, after a thorough inspection, we came to the conclusion that it was a worthwhile project, although it would involve a lot of hard work, time and money.

Exodus II - a Creighton Inlander 32

We inspected the hull from one end to the other and whilst there are a couple of places in need of attention the boat was basically very sound. After scrambling up a ladder the interior was inspected. It would needed stripping out completely and refitting. The beauty of this is that they would be able to plan the boat to their own requirements from what is basically a blank canvas (or should that be GRP?). As previously mentioned the engine is a three cylinder Nanni (Kubota) with raw water cooling and looked to be in very good condition although we could not see it running.

Exodus II hull

The massive keel, skeg and stern gear

The Nanni (Kubota) diesel engine

The fore cabin prior to stripping out

The aft cabin prior to stripping out

I explained to Lisa and Nathan that there would be a lot of work involved in making the boat cruisable but they seemed to have set their hearts on it and made the owner an offer that was accepted. After half an hour the "deed was done" and they were the proud owners of Exodus II. Knowing that Lisa and Nathan are not afraid of hard work this boat should provide them with many years of cruising once completed. My parents, brother and dear departed friend Alec Levac would have been pleased that the family tradition of boating was being carried on even if they did plan to change the name to Adeline!


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Restoration Commences

It did not take long before Lisa and Nathan made their plans and started stripping out the interior. All the interior woodwork was removed to reveal the bare hull and scrubbed clean. The rear cabin had a temporary floor and was to be their "workshop" for the time of being. Their Easter holiday was spent cleaning, stripping out and preparing the hull for renovation and repainting below the waterline with two-pack polyurethane paint to reinforce the integrity of the gel-coat.

Lisa scrubbing the cleared fore cabin

The stripped aft cabin exposing the propeller shaft and stern gland

During the following weeks the damage to the hull was repaired ready for the boat to be relaunched. Before that the propeller shaft bearings and stern gland would need inspection and repacking if necessary. Also the stern gland greaser was missing and the existing greasing pipe, which was basically plastic tubing, replaced with a more suitable pipe. Nathan constructed a new instrument panel that would house the basic electrical connections until the engine compartment was re-jigged.

The completed electrical cupboard prior to fitting

Thetford C200 awaiting the bathroom to be built

The hull repairs were completed, the outside of the hull cleaned and the old name removed from the bow ready for being re-christened Adeline. A Thetford C200 was purchased and the electrical cupboard fitted with some of the electrical items installed.

Electrical wiring and inverter installed...

...and the completed electrical cupboard in place

 Old name removed with the hull repaired and cleaned ready for re-launching

Lisa and Nathan had joined Runcorn BMBC and when the boat was canal-worthy it was launched into the Trent and Mersey Canal at Wincham Wharf before being towed by Jusromin to be slipped at Runcorn for hull painting before being moved to their new mooring at Top Locks, adjacent to Waterloo Bridge also at Runcorn. The following day the engine received some attention and was started. It ran well although there was a problem with the Jabsco raw cooling water pump.

Ready for launching

Adeline being launched at Wincham Wharf

Adeline just after being launched

First cruise - passing through Anderton with Nathan at the helm whilst being towed by nb Jusromin

Safe and sound on temporary moorings in The Sprinch Arm at Runcorn

Adeline's engine running

Part of the fore cabin floor in place

Aft cabin floor supports in place ready for the floorboards to be fitted

Aft cabin floor in place

Fore cabin bulkhead in place and gauging beam

New cockpit floor fitted

Centre cockpit side screens removed and stripped for revarnishing

Removed windscreen sanded down ready for revarnishing

Arriving at BMBC Runcorn's slipway

Out of the water, hull cleaned and sanded ready for painting with two-pack polyurethane

Revarnished rubbing strakes prior to refitting

Removed hand rails before and after sanding prior to revarnishing

Hull painting completed

Stern-gear painted with Hammerite and repaired propeller

Safely back in the water and looking good!

By Easter 2017 the boat was partially habitable and Nathan removed all the windows one by one, re-sealing them with new sealing strips purchased from Caldwell's Windows. Soon after they took part in the BMBC 2017 Opening Cruise to Watchouse Cruising Club at Stretford on the outskirts of Manchester. By the following month they were in a position to attend the annual FBCC Rally hosted by Worsley Cruising Club at Patricroft not far from Barton Swing Aqueduct.

Adeline at Stockton Heath...

...and at the 2017 FBCC Rally

The steering wheel was removed, sanded down and re-varnished. It was then refitted when the new electrical cupboard/steering console was completed and fitted. The next job would be fitting the kitchen units and installing the worktop, cooker and refrigerator purchased from Paul Savage when he was refitting the kitchen in his narrowboat Adreva.

Re-varnished steering wheel

The new steering console in position

In 2018 Lisa and Nathan separated but thankfully, Lisa kept Adeline and continued the work to renovate and improve it. Even though it was "cruisable" there were still many jobs to be completed such as the electrical wiring, installing the galley, toilet bulkheads, gas installation and lining the cabin sides and roof to minimise condensation forming. The bulkheads were all completed by June 2020 and the kitchen partially installed at the same time.

Adeline attending the 2019 FBCC Rally at Lymm

Slipped at Runcorn for repainting - 30/07/2019

Moored at Anderton 30/09/2019

Aft cabin lighting wiring - 23/02/2020

Mains wiring installed - 23/02/2020

Mains/USB socket - 23/02/2020

Moored at Acton Bridge - 24th May2020

Moored above Beeston Iron Lock - 30th May 2021

Moored at The Shady Oak, Beeston - 31st May 2021


To be continued...


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Major Milestones in the life of Adeline (previously Exodus II)

1975+/-  Approximate build date
31/03/2016  Purchased by Lisa and Nathan Hancock
11/04/2016  Commenced stripping out interior
16/04/2016  Fore and aft cabins completely stripped out to bare GRP and cleaned
19/04/2016  Hull damage repaired with resin & glass matting
22/04/2016  New name decided on - Adeline
30/04/016  Repairs to damaged hull completed
07/05/2016  Old name removed & hull cleaned
08/05/2016  Electrical cupboard fitted
01/06/2016  Launched & towed from Wincham Wharf to Runcorn by nb Jusromin
02/06/2016  Engine started & running well but faulty Jabsco raw water circulation pump identified
11/06/2016  Fore cabin floor supports & floorboards fitted
18/06/2016  Aft cabin floor supports fitted
20/07/2016  Forward & aft cabin bulkheads completed
27/07/2016  Beam gauged & set
07/08/2016  Gunwales repaired & re-glassed
14/08/2016  Engine compartment & aft cabin floor completed
15/08/2016  Windscreen & side screens removed, sanded down, re-varnished & refitted
28/08/2016  Slipped @ Runcorn for hull cleaning & repainting with two pack polyurethane below waterline
11/09/2016  Stern-gear painted with Hammerite & propeller repaired
14/09/2016  Rubbing strakes & hand rails removed, sanded down & re-varnished
18/09/2016  Relaunched after hull repainting & work to stern-gear and propeller
01/10/2016  First cruise to Walton & suffered with contaminated fuel on return to Runcorn
08/04/2017  Front cabin windows removed & re-sealed
22/04/2017  Attended the BMBC Opening Cruise to Watchouse Cruising Club @ Stretford
27/05/2017  Attended the FBCC Rally @ Patricroft
08/07/2017  Fitted new doors to fore & aft cabin bulkheads
15/07/2017  Constructed and fitted new electrical cupboard & sanded down steering wheel prior to re-varnishing
24/05/2019  Attended the FBCC Rally @ Lymm
31/07/2019  Slipped @ Runcorn for hull cleaning & repainting with two pack polyurethane below waterline
23/02/2020  Mains & cabin lighting wiring installed
16/05/2020  Kitchen partially fitted
17/05/2020  Bathroom bulkhead completed
03/04/2021  Slipped @ Runcorn for hull cleaning & repainting with two pack polyurethane below waterline
01/05/2021  Second solar panel & regulator fitted
27/05/2021  Summer cruise to Brockholes (Beeston Castle) on the Shropshire Union Canal

To be continued...


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Other Examples of the Creighton Inlander

Two examples of  the centre cockpit Creighton Inlander 32

Summer Breeze... an unusual large centre cockpit version of the Inlander 32

A very nice Creighton Inlander 27 aft cockpit model

An unusual and rare Creighton 25


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