Mersey Connections...

Navigable Waterways Connected to the River Mersey


The proposed front cover of "Mersey Connections" showing the now demolished New Line of Locks on the Bridgewater Canal at Runcorn


In Preparation



"Mersey Connections" documents the navigable waterways and docks that are or have been connected to the River Mersey. The project was originally suggested by Tempus Publishing as a "compendium" of "The Duke's Cut" and "The Big Ditch" books. I have since (in my infinite wisdom) decided to expand upon the original idea and include other canals, navigable waterways and docks connected to the River Mersey. "Mersey Connections" commences its literary and photographic journey at the Mersey's estuary, then journeys upstream past Peel Port's new Deepwater Container Berth at Seaforth (Liverpool 2) and documents... Liverpool Docks (North and South), the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Wallasey Pool (Wallasey and Birkenhead Docks), Cammell Lairds shipbuilding basins and dry-docks, Garston Docks, Bromborough Pool and the River Dibbin (Port Sunlight), the Manchester Ship Canal, the Shropshire Union Canal, the River Gowy, the River Weaver and Weaver Navigation, the Runcorn and Weston Canal, the Bridgewater Canal, the St Helens Canal, the Mersey and Irwell Navigation, Manchester Docks and finally the River Irwell (and breath!).

As with "The Duke's Cut" and "The Big Ditch"... "Mersey Connections" shares the same format of documenting the history and geography of the various waterways and docks in words, with maps and photographs both contemporary and historical. To whet your appetite I have included a few photographs below.

An artist's impression of Peel Port's new Deepwater Container Berth (Liverpool 2)

(Photograph - Peel Ports)

Liverpool Docks in their heyday

(Photograph - White Star Line)

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Liverpool Docks Link

Wallasey Pool (Wallasey and Birkenhead Docks)

Cammell Lairds as seen from Birkenhead Priory

Garston Docks

(Photograph - A B Ports)

Bromborough Pool prior to in-filling

Barton Aqueduct and Bridge on the Manchester Ship Canal

The Shropshire Union Canal at Ellesmere Port

Tidal refuge on the River Gowy at Stanlow

Frodsham Viaduct on the River Weaver

Disused Runcorn and Weston Canal

The Bridgewater Canal near Oughtrington

Disused St Helens Canal lock near Sankey Viaduct

Mode Wheel Lock on the Mersey and Irwell Navigation

Manchester Docks today as seen from Media City

The River Irwell in Manchester

I hope you have enjoyed this "taster" of "Mersey Connections". Even though I have many photographs of the canals and waterways featured I want to do justice to the project so it will have to wait until I retire at the end of 2016 before I have the time to complete taking the photographs that I would like to include in the finished manuscript. By that time Peel Ports' new Deepwater Container Berth at Seaforth will be completed and construction of the Mersey Gateway (new Runcorn Bridge) will be well under way. The future of Runcorn Locks which once connected the Bridgewater Canal with the Manchester Ship Canal will be assured. Hopefully, images of these and any other relevant developments will be included. If you have any comments or suggestions for the new book please do not hesitate to contact me at

An un-cropped version of the front cover photograph... the now demolished New Line of Locks on the Bridgewater Canal at Runcorn

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